CA Clues is thriving at this time with more than million downloads of CA notes being downloaded from CA Notes Database. Thus to notch up a bit we are now providing the Handwritten notes of Padma Jain Mam (teacher of Gaap Bright) of IPCC Auditing.

Click on the image to download the Audit Handwritten Notes by Padma Jain Mam for free.

First time on internet, auditing handwritten notes for free download. The best part of these auditing notes are that these are very presentable and different charts and tables are used to help you grasp the topics easily.

Paddm Jain Mam is very renowned in the field of auditing and this is the reason Gaap bright has joined hands with Padma Jain Mam. These auditing notes will speak for themselves. In only 34 pages all the important topics are covered and the notes are not in big font so dont worry a good and thorough content can be extracted from these auditing notes.

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