Chihuahua Cries When Dad Leaves Without Him
  • 02.12.2023
  • 7003

The Man Who Hates Small Dogs Gets A Chihuahua - Watch Their Nightly Bedtime Routine A man who dislikes small dogs is converted to a fan of small breeds after getting a Chihuahua. It turns out that he isn't alone. Many people have a loved one who is an advocate for small dogs. Watch this hilarious video to learn more about his new pet. If you're someone who hates small dogs, you've probably heard horror stories about these little dogs. You may have even witnessed one yourself. The man in the video, "The Man Who Hates Small Dogs, Gets A Chihuahua," gets a cute little pup. But be warned: Chihuahuas don't get along well with small children. They tend to leap from their owner's hand if they are not alone. And they're dangerous if left unsupervised with small children. You can watch this video to see a typical Chihuahua's nighttime bedtime routine. Your new pet may sleep on your bed, the couch, or even in your crate. Just make sure that you don't leave them alone in your bed when you're trying to sleep. This way, you can rest assured that they won't wake you up with their misbehavior. A Chihuahua Can Turn Into A Best Friend