CA Pritam Mahure

Please find Pritam’s e-book on GST (753 pages) which contains:

– CGST Act, IGST Act, UTGST Act, CGST Rules and Compensation Act

– Book contains provisions as amended upto 4th Sept. 2018 alongwith commentary on key provisions

Click on the image to download the GST Complete E-Book by Pritam Mahure 

This is the seventh edition of the GST Book.

Download Free Book on Goods & Services Tax In India (Updated till 4th Sep 2018).

Goods and Services Tax or GST as it is popularly known, is the newest taxation system in India. To help you understand all about this new taxation system we have created a GST Book. It is in PDF format and easily downloadable free of cost. You can read it online or download it for future read.


This Ebook contains:

  1. GST vs the Current Indirect Tax Structure
  2. Why is GST a big deal?
  3. Time, Place, and Value of Supply
  4. Registering under GST
  5. GST Returns – How and When to File Them
  6. Mixed Supply and Composite Supply
  7. Composition Levy
  8. What is Aggregate Turnover
  9. Input Tax Credit in Detail
  10. Reverse Charge
  11. What is GST Compliance Rating?
  12. Impact of GST on Manufacturers and FMCG Industry

Click here to Download Free E-book on GST In India (6th Edition -11.09.2017)

This being a comprehensive compilation of all key GST related provisions, reader can easily perform word search in the document.