Considering the significance of the upcoming GST regime and the recent developments towards its implementation, the Council of ICAI, at its 365th meeting, has decided that students appearing in November, 2017 final examination be also examined on “Overview of GST” for 10 marks in Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws.

Click on the image to download the GST notes by Dippak Gupta Sir. (Short notes – 61 pages)

GST notes by Dippak Gupta:

“Overview of GST” has been included in the syllabus of Final Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws in the following manner:

  • 10 marks on “Overview of GST” has been accommodated in Section B: Service Tax (which presently carries 50 marks) with simultaneous exclusion of certain topics from central excise and service tax:The syllabus of Final Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws after incorporating “Overview of GST” for 10 marks is given as Annexure A. The exclusions from central excise and service tax are given as Annexure B
  • Overview of GST will be tested in the examination in first compulsory question carrying 20 marks and only knowledge and comprehension based question will be asked from this topic. Thus, out of 20 marks allotted to the compulsory question, 10 marks will be allocated to Overview of GST and remaining 10 will be allocated to central excise and customs.
  • “Overview of GST” will cover an introduction to GST laws in India and basic concepts relating to supply, composite and mixed supplies and charge of tax.